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Dexter's Luxury Pet Furniture

Daisy's Pet Hutch , Large Dog Feeding Station, Dog Crate Furniture, Luxury Pet Furniture, Dog Kennel Furniture, Modern Dog Crate, Dog Crate

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Daisy’s pet hutch has all the amenities including decorative metal panels, solid black walnut, and storage for all your pup needs. The bottom is fully enclosed in metal and will not absorb any odors. The bottom-left drawer houses your pups' food and water bowls and can neatly hide them when not in use. The food bowl drawer is 1/8" aluminum for durability and easy cleanup. Equipped with a pull-out drawer for storing dry food in an airtight container. The tall pull-out has hooks for leashes and a small shelf for toys. The beautiful, floating, above storage, ensures you will have plenty of storage. Adorned with an open middle shelf and matching decorative panels. This conversation starter will surely be the topic of your next dinner party. This masterfully crafted furniture speaks volumes about the love and care you give to your cherished, fur babies.

Each piece is handcrafted with the highest level of quality, style, and craftsmanship. Our furniture is made to last a lifetime and will be cherished for generations. All our products are made upon order.

-Square steel tubing construction with decorative panels.
-Solid black walnut top and drawers.
-Powder-coated flat black metal finish for durability.
-Barrel door hinges for a smooth inward and outward swing.
-Sleek black barrel door locks on top and bottom.
-Metal bottom for easy cleaning.
-Aluminum drawer for food and water bowls.
-Pull out food storage drawer for a plastic dry food container.
-Pull out narrow shelf drawer for leashes and treats/toys.
-Big drawer above kennel for extra storage.
-Long, open shelf, and floating upper cabinet.

Specifications: Outer Dimensions: 63” L x 28” W x 70” H
Inner Dimensions: 33” L x 25” W x 25” H
Recommended for breeds weighing approx. 70 lbs.